June 14, 2010

barn brown study

teaser......coming soon:

photo credit: country living

my parents are building a small farmhouse and barn in the country.  it is like a dream come true for me! they have to be very careful when they start asking me for advice, because i tend to take over. we were sketching out some plans today that i will be sure to add soon.  along with my list of must-haves for any country/farmhouse home.

credit for creativity

i actually got to do this fun project for school credit......talk about killing two birds with one stone.  we had an old rug from urban outfitters that we used in our apartment but ended up disliking.  i love the pattern on it but it was such a thin rug (kind of like canvas) that we would kick the edges up and they would curl....annoying.

i got the idea of turning it into a bench seat and found a good little piece of thrift furniture to execute my design.

steps: buy. wash down. sand. paint. paint another coat.  (optional) sand to make it look distressed. sew strange cushion. upholster. add trim.

best part of the project? during sanding, i start smelling grape.  then mint.  then classic bubblegum.  more grape.  unknown.  another unknown. another bubble gum. yes my friends, i counted 7 pieces of A-B-C gum tucked into the nooks and crannies of this little gem.

                                                                                              the adult version of scratch and sniff.  ha ha.

once we got it all sanded and painted, it was a whole new world for that maltreated bench seat.

after this process i sewed a cushion for the seat which i stuffed with down feathers, batting, and other odds and ends.  we seriously considered using an old foam camping pad, but decided the 15 years of dirt and dust was a little too gross.  my mom and i upholstered the rug over the cushions using lots of brute force and many many staples.

the result?

not too shabby!

alternative ideas using similar techniques.....

recovering a stool with a cushion
a more traditional bench-shaped bench
yeah that's all i got.

option a: rose printed rug from urban, $30 for a 60" (size i used)
find it here

option b: "tribal printed rug" also from urban, a $9.99 2'x3'--perfect for a stool.
find it here

April 20, 2010

nerd alert

i just have to say..... i am kind of new to this grand old world of blogging...and i love the google reader and blogger dashboard!! no more looking through my bookmarks to find new posts? revolutionary!

April 19, 2010


i've been noticing a lot of safari inspired clothing that suit my fancy. i'm not necessarily one for animal prints but the tabs on the sleeves, silks and linens, neutral color schemes, belted jackets, detailing, and occasional camo print makes me want to go on a safari inspired shopping trip!

from left to right:
geren ford lavender silk safari dress
j. crew vintage zebra stripe cardigan
baby gap french terry camo hat
stella mccartney knit zebra dress
urban outfitters 'staring at stars' safari shirt


now i didn't make up this recipe, and it didn't get passed down from generations.  but it's super easy, takes about 5 minutes to prep and 10 to cook, and they are delicious warm, room temperature, or frozen.         now go try them!

warning: these cookies are too good and i crave them more than anything.  when i make them, i try to hide them in the freezer but then i just open the freezer multiple times daily to eat them.  and.... for whatever reason, i can't help but eat them for breakfast every morning until they're gone.

p.s. i usually add extra butterscotch chips because they are so yummy.  and on that note, i try to buy the real/deluxe chips because once i tried them, i could never go back to the generic brand.

lobsters in fashion

i am a big seinfeld fan, and kramer's lobster shirt has always been my favorite.  imagine my surprise when i was looking through anthropologie's spring catalog and i saw the lobster dress! (okay, so it's really called the "salty seas dress")...i wouldn't mind getting my hands on that!